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Youth workers meeting – 27-29th of March 2020, Timișoara, Romania


As you all, most probably experience, we live sensitive times due to quick spreading of Covid19. Special measures are in place in Europe, Romania included. According to the measures adopted by the Romanian National Committee for Special Emergency Situations on March 9 2020, all mobilities within the Erasmus+, the European Solidarity Corps and EEA Grants are suspended until 31 of March 2020.


Therefore, for the safety of all of us, we are sorry to inform you that this event can’t take place as planned, with participants from abroad. Instead, we will have the activities with national participants, considering the possibilities offered by this new sensitive environment. 


We hope to meet you on the platform in our last weeks of the courses.  We will keep you updated regarding the other elements in place.


Stay safe,

Victor, on behalf of theCourses team


This event is for you if:

·          You are interested in youth worker development in Europe;

·          You want to be part of other follow up initiatives for youth workers in Europe;

·          You have explored or want to explore some of our online courses prepared for specialised youth workers: the leader in youth exchanges, facilitator, mentor or manager;

·          You would like to share some good practices in the youth field;

·          You want to be inspired in your work by other good practice examples and inspire others, as well;

·          You want to meet youth workers from various countries.



You can now start here.

Do you want to know more? Here is some relevant information.


Short data/facts:

·          Multiplier event: " FUTURE OF THE YOUTH WORKERS"

·          Proposed venue: Romania, Timișoara

·          Date: 27-29th of March 2020

·          Format: open space/workshops/dissemination - testing panels;

·          Participants: at least 50 participants from Erasmus+ Programme countries;

·          Financial coverage: accommodation and food during the event for the selected participants;

·          Selection process: described below;

·          Topics of the event: described below.



The course is open for participants from Programme and Partner countries of E+.



The design of the meeting will allow the youth workers to:

·          Discuss about their work in their countries, compare, share good practice approaches;

·          Find out more about the youth worker specialised areas: facilitator, mentor, leader, manager and opportunities;

·          Create new synergies between them and concrete initiatives, work together – propose new initiatives in the online youth work in Europe;

·          Work more with the e-learning management system, meet the creators, see the challenges, the positive and improvable aspects;

·          Learn more about the tools created in the project for youth workers: the leader in youth exchanges, facilitator or mentor in volunteering activities and manager in youth projects;

·          Offer feedback upon using our tools;

·          Propose other relevant sessions they are interested in;

·          Have some thematic study visits;


Learning environment: open space/workshops/dissemination/testing panels/study visit;


Time frame:

·          Deadline to apply: 11.03.2020;

·          Results are available on 13.03.2020.


How to apply:

·          The first step is to create your user on the platform and enrol to the event by indicating your motivation, here;

·          You can improve your application by exploring the modules presented on this portal for youth workers:, being involved in dissemination etc. For more details, consult the introduction page of your application;


The selection criteria will focus on the motivation expressed in the application form and the active involvement in the online courses from 

That means badges you got, dissemination performed, usage of the product(s) etc.  



The event is free of charge for the participants, thanks to the funds from Erasmus+ Programme and the efforts made by the team of the project.


What it is included/what it is not included

Please pay attention to what is covered and what is not as this is a multiplier event, not training nor seminar.

·   Therefore: accommodation and food are fully covered for the period of the event: 27 – 29.03.2020;

·   Transport is to be covered by you. Timișoara is a place with a great European transport connection, see more details below.



When you have fulfilled the basic requirements, you will get an attendance certificate.


Languages: the meeting will be held in English.


Levels: Intermediate – Advanced


The place

Our meeting will be held in Romania, Timișoara alias Little Vienna / City of Flowers or Heart of Banat.



·   has an international airport, Traian Vuia, with very good connections all over Europe, low cost included;

·   has a great cultural life with rich historical connections and multicultural perspectives;

·   will be European Capital of Culture in 2021;

·   is one of the most important educational and academic centres of Romania;

·   was Capital of Youth in 2016 in Romania and has an important youth movement;

·   was the place of the Youth workers meeting - theVOYAGE – 6th – 9th July 2017, the first event of the trilogy;


Transport options:

·         The International airport from Timișoara has flights from Air France, Alitalia, Blue Air, Eurowings, Lufthansa, Ryanair, TAROM or Wizz Air. There are direct connections from Munich, Bergamo, Bucharest, Frankfurt Hahn, London, Barcelona, Paris Beauvais, Bologna, Bruxelles Charleroi, Dortmund, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Memmingen, Rome-Ciampino, Treviso, Valencia and others.

·         You can take a look here:

·         If Timișoara is not suitable for you, you can choose Budapest as an airport and from there you can travel a few hours by train/bus or even take a low-cost flight.

·         From all over Europe, of course, you can find other transport options - trains, buses; we will try to offer our help if you need to search for the best option, once selected.



·          In connection with this event, we plan to have at least 6 initiatives developed during the process and these initiatives will be listed on the website so if they are other people interested in joining them, they can do it.

·          You can join our intercultural networks for leader, facilitators, mentors and managers in E+ programme;


The project

This event is provided through the E+ project "Online training courses for E+ Youth Workers", funded with support from the European Commission. More about the project and the other online modules developed in the project can be found at


The partners:







Still undecided?

Check out our online offer at and try out the e-modules we have launched, available to be explored self-paced.


Do you need help?

You can call us at 0040722977094 or write to


Are you ready for enrolment?

Have you got all the information you need?

If you are ready, you can apply here.


Take your box and come to this European event for youth workers!


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