The next level of the JOURNEY  

Long, long time ago, young people used to travel from place to place, learning from masters in order to become one, in years of practice and efforts. You can imagine accomplished tradesmen or craftsmen such as armourers, metal workers, carvers, carpenters, glass workers, stone cutters, shoemakers, textile workers etc.

These are the quests of a journeyman who wanted to try special missions given by special guilds and a special Commission.

Like in the old times, but using a present mastering field, you will be introduced here to 4 types of youth workers:

We continue the previous story of theVoyage and we travel further together with our journeyman in his new endeavours!

We challenge you to enter the portal which can take you in 4 worlds. How many you succeed in properly exploring and from how many you get the memberships, it is up to you!

The courses are open to be explored in English, Romanian, Spanish and Italian and once you create your user, a list with all of them can be seen on the first page.

Enjoy the ride!